On this retreat we will begin the New Year as we intend to continue, nourishing ourselves from the inside out with practices to sustain us through the ups and downs of the year ahead.


Gathering in silence before breakfast,  a wake-up session of cleansing and stimulating breathing techniques will prepare us for an introduction to mindfulness practices, setting us up for the rest of the day.


A two-hour dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice is scheduled mid-morning, in the shade of the seafront shala overlooking Patnem beach. Synchronizing breath and movement, this will be offered in a step-by-step format, starting with a slow and easy warm-up and gradually building in intensity to incorporate more challenging poses as the week progresses. We will work on building strength, stamina and flexibility, allowing everyone to progress at their own pace.


After a delicious lunch and a free afternoon to lounge on the beach, get a massage or stroll to the shops, we will regroup for a gentler, more relaxing session of Yin and Restorative yoga.  We might workshop inversions,  hip or shoulder openers, or perhaps explore the guided relaxation of Yoga Nidra or some of the more esoteric/philosophical aspect of the practice. Finishing in time to marvel at yet another stunning sunset.


We will dine together at Bamboo in the evening (included in price) although it’s also worth checking out one of the many inexpensive local eateries on our day off.


I will try to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences, offering a supportive environment for both beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.


There will be one rest day during the yoga retreat.

Typical Day

8am Pranayama and Meditation

8.30am Breakfast

10.15-12.15 Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga pm

12.30pm Lunch

Free time

4.30pm Yin and Restorative Yoga

6pm Sunset



dina group pic

About Dina


Dina is accredited as a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer by Yoga Alliance both here and in the USA and and has been practicing and teaching yoga and Mindfulness since the 90s, promoting these as tools for a healthy, toned and supple body, as well as a deeper and more expansive outlook on life. Her teaching is inspired by the fluid, breath-synchronised dance of Vinyasa Flow, the precision and integrity of Iyengar, and the deep lake of meditative stillness that is Yin and Restorative Yoga.

“Yoga connects us to the rhythm of the breath, drawing us ever more deeply into the recesses of our physical and emotional bodies, allowing us to soften, release, surrender and let go. Dropping all that baggage leaves us feeling calm, energised and lighter, creating a spaciousness into which our innate healing potential can be revealed. Studies suggest that practising Mindfulness can increase feelings of happiness, alleviate anxiety and depression and aid stress management, improving our ability to concentrate, sleep and make decisions, as well as the quality of our relationships”.

Dina has been a mentor on the Yoga Campus and Embodied Dancer TeacherTrainings, is registered with British Wheel of Yoga and has her own studio, Goldendoor, in London. www.dynamicflowyoga.com