Winter Renewal – A yoga and meditation retreat with Erika Tourell

Erika Tourell

You are warmly invited to join senior teacher, Erika Tourell, for 9 days of warm sunshine, sea and sadhana (practice) in a beautiful, beachfront location.
This transformative retreat has been designed for your personal rejuvenation to resurrect your spirit, nourish your soul, deepen your practice and restore flexibility to your mind and body.  You can expect around five hours of carefully measured practice per day with one day off in the middle.
Though the practice of yoga we open ourselves to notice change occurring more closely by observing the mind, body and breath from moment to moment.
Through the cultivation of non-attachment we get better at letting go, realising the impermanence of all things.
We come to realise after a while that life is short and precious and we start to care more deeply about living a good life, nourishing ourselves and our relationships in a more conscious way.
We start to notice more about the world around us and within us, and start to see that we can indeed change the way we feel by letting go of the thoughts and feelings that don’t serve us and choose instead to stay aligned with Infinite Source.  We start to act in a more responsible way as we start to respect ourselves and the planet more.
We allow a removing of the layers that conceal who we truly are, beyond the veils of the identifications of the false self/ego, the personality, our ‘status’ etc. – the limited definitions of who we think we are.
We feel a growing strength, confidence, trust building as we listen to our hearts, our gut – our intuition becomes easier to hear and act on.
Synchronicity, serendipity and miracles occur more frequently. We get in the groove, stay in the groove, let things flow, surrender to Grace and not-knowing, letting go of trying to control everything.
We discover ways to uplift ourselves, our friends and family through simple acceptance and loving kindness, by being present, listening, breathing mindfully and resting in the heart in silence and stillness.
We find joy in serving others, doing what we can to bring happiness and love to everyone we meet. All this and more we find is unfolding as we take steps on the yogic path.
Each day of the retreat will begin with a morning stretch, pranayama and silent meditation (optional), followed by an active yoga class.  Morning asana practice will focus on gentle warming, hydrating and purifying practices that loosen and release the body as well as strengthening and stabilising sequences whilst building prana (lifeforce). In the afternoons we will focus on restorative yoga as well as the deeply nourishing practice of yoga nidra (a guided meditation technique designed to move you into a profound state of relaxation and self awareness). Each session will finish with some silent meditation.


Approximate schedule (may be subject to change)

7.15am         Morning stretch, pranayama and meditation

8.30am         Light Breakfast

10.00am       Slow flow yoga, pranayama and meditation

12.30pm       Lunch

4.30pm         Restorative yoga and meditation

6.00pm         Sunset

7.00pm         Dinner


Cost includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation, all yoga and use of equipment.

From £825.00 for shared accommodation.
Contact for more info.


About Erika

Erika has over twenty five years of yoga and bodywork experience. She draws on a wide range of experience and many yoga styles including Hatha: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin/Yang, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Advaita Vedanta philosophy, Tantra and Buddhism. She has been teaching in London’s top yoga centres for over fifteen years as well as leading retreats internationally. Erika is passionate about natural healing and loves nothing more than to hold the retreat space to offer a precious opportunity for people to experience a profound awakening through yoga using movement and stillness, sound and silence, challenge and relaxation in a soulful, nurturing environment. Erika is constantly inspired by the transformations that she has witnessed in the lives of people through the healing power of yoga and is deeply grateful to all her teachers.


Erika’s retreat is such a wonderful experience. She holds the group with a genuine and gentle sense of peace and calm, bringing her vast experience both spiritual and physical to bear. She has a wonderful spiritual presence, bringing this to each session. Her yoga practice is varied and always explained and demonstrated for any level of yoga practice.  I have no hesitation in recommending her retreats very highly. I always return feeling revived, refreshed and rested. 

K.Clarke UK


I have been lucky enough to join Erika on 2 of her retreats and I can honestly say that both were wonderful…. Erika is such a beautiful soul, inside and out and she brings such spirituality and love to the practice. We have laughed, cried, opened our hearts and I leave her retreats feeling a more whole person, with my spirit lifted and my body supple! Simply, she’s wonderful.

H.Tanguy Guernsey


Erika is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her retreats are a brilliant combination of creative and inspirational yoga with a spiritual element. She’s very responsive to the needs and preferences of each group and adjusts her style and approach accordingly so that there is the appropriate balance of bodywork and pranayama. She’s highly experienced and will combine a range of different styles so that the sessions are always varied and enjoyable. Spending time with Erika on a retreat is always a joy – as well as being a brilliant yoga teacher she’s great fun and we have shared many laughs.

J.Lynch UK


Erika Tourell continues to be a huge inspiration for me, both in my yoga practice and in my life. Her retreat offers an amazing opportunity to go deeper, within many of the aspects of yoga and within yourself. The setting, the food and drink and the people offers a truly magnificent framework around a week of deep mind-body experiences that will resonate for a long time after the retreat has ended.

C.Mathiesen Norway


In my hectic world of ‘always on’ a dose of Erika is literally the only thing that grounds me and brings me back into me. I leave a retreat feeling strong, confident and completely recalibrated – she somehow gives me superpowers! I am 100% confident that her practice is safe and best for my body and on top of that her spiritual authenticity releases my mind. She is an extraordinary teacher that I wish I could spend more time with ..

J.Thomson UK


Erika is highly experienced in the full spectrum of yogic practices and in her classes she weaves a beautiful tapestry, moving seamlessly from one practice into another.  Erika is one of the most creative yoga teachers I have ever met.

M. Levi UK