As you start your day with yoga you could not start better! With Mia’s yoga, Mia-Yoga, you send out the direction of your day, you start the day with a smile in your hart, a soft and awakened body which you stretch out in different asanas, customized for just you and your body and your conditions at that specific morning. Every day is different because your state of mind is different. Every day you learn something new, maybe just a breath, maybe a new thought and maybe a new pose – and with that you find something new in you!

With yoga you find yourself! What a way to start your day! A class with Mia-Yoga is always something new – and yet always the same: You and Mia and all together, every morning at the same time Mia will wait for you as you glide in to the group at your own pace, slip down on your yoga mat, stretch out your half asleep body and close your eyes, you focus inside at your third eye and you just let go. Every morning the same. We wait for each other – everyone can take their time – because we give time…


Revive the body with Pilates. Teaming Pilates with other activities as yoga and dance is a great way to tailor your body and soul to your own personal wellness goals. The primary physical focus of Pilates is on building core strength to improve alignment, posture and overall strength. Carina’s Pilates classes are resetting the balance in the body through the movement of Pilates and mindfulness practice.

Her passion for dance and movement founded her philosophy that Pilates is the foundation of all training. Pilates teaches balance and control of the body, and that capacity spills over into other areas of one’s life. Therefore her vision is to share Pilates with as many people as she possibly can.

The Schedule

We start every morning with early morning tea, juice and fruit salad.

8.00 – 9.30 Yoga with Mia: Pranayama, Asana & Dhyana
10.30 – 11.30 Brunchbuffé
11.30 Your own time to enjoy the area/ Massage and Spa.
16.30 – 17.45 Pilatesclass with Carina
18.30 Dinnerbuffé

The price for two weeks, (13 nights) retreat at Bamboo Yogaretreat in Goa will be SEK 15.000 including shared twin bungalow, half board: morning fruit and juice/brunch buffet/ evening buffet, return airport transfer Dabolin airport – Bamboo Yogaretreat, 12 classes yoga, 10 classes pilates, 1 boat tour at sun set or sunrise.

Extras, not included:
– Fight ticket to Goa
– Single use of a bungalow
– Spa package
– Excusions


About teachers

Mia Regnér:

“After 21 years as an air hostess I change my life completely in 2003. I started to study to become a stress therapist/mental trainer and I also got in contact with yoga for the first time. This was quite late in my life, I became trained yoga teacher at the age of 47 (this was in India 2006) but since then yoga have been “the love of my life”. Today I am having about 5 classes per week and I am teaching/exercising different yoga but my base is Hatha. Lately I have more focus in “introvert” and meditative yoga, as Kundaliniyoga and Yinyoga, since I became MediYoga-instructor 2011. MediYoga is a therapeutic yoga for healing and today in Sweden it is mainly used as a tool for health relaxation and healing at our hospitals in Sweden! It is fantastic!

I have a company together with my husband Christen, MR-Mental Recreation, where I work full time and I am helping people who have different kinds of fears, as fear of flying, living with anxiety etc – I have lectures, classes and coaching in mental training which is the greatest tool to work with! With mental training you can “blast all limits”.

Carina Dahlbeck:

“I discover pilates 2003 and I am licensed and trained Pilates teacher in Sweden. Today I teach Pilates 2 times per week. In addition to Pilates I am also trained in West African dance and I toured 13 years with a Swedish/African dance company in the Nordic countries. 2012 I completed my education in Grounding© (free-swinging movements characteristic of African dance. Breathing is integrated in the movement as part of the rhythm which is the essence of dance in Africa).

  • "The Sun has just gone up over the horizon, the beach is still spotted by shadows of yesterday's all footprints. A little bit chilly in the wind  but I know that I will soon be pleasantly warm - Mia is waiting for us with her yoga mat and her lovely smile. Morning Yoga at the beach is alone the absolute highlight! The sun warms more and more, the waves roar, we reach out and curls up and breath in long, relaxing breath. After a few days here, I start to feel really strong and smooth. That feeling I haven't had for a long time. The session ends with us on our back in the sand for meditation. Before I close my eyes I see how hugely high and blue sky. This is relaxation for real!"