The Sacred Fig 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a highly-intensive program designed to educate & inspire the next generation of world-class yoga leaders. We firmly believe that the strongest attribute any yoga teacher possesses is themselves. And so we emphasize things like personal development, confidence, and speech (and don’t worry, you’ll still learn kick-ass alignment, too.) Our rigorous program is certified by The Yoga Alliance, but it’s so much more than that. In fact, it’s one of the most comprehensive available today. Our teacher trainings attract students of all levels, from literally all around the globe. The Sacred Fig Yoga Teacher Trainings produce confident, knowledgeable, articulate, and empowered yoga teachers. Period.
At the core of the The Sacred Fig philosophy is a profound sense of connection. Not only do our thoughts affect us in tangible ways, but we also have the extraordinary capacity to affect those around us, and the environment we live in. And so as yoga practitioners and teachers, we strive for the extraordinary, so that we may serve as a beacon of possibility for those around us. We see the divine in everything around us, but we also know that it lies within us. So before trying to shape & control everything outside of us, we first look deep within, and do the work ourselves.
We don’t provide answers. (and we’re weary of any teacher or school who claims that they do) Instead, we welcome & provide different viewpoints, we stir lively discourse. We set the circumstances to challenge notions about what yoga is, what it might feel like or look like, and why we practice. We create an accelerated learning environment, where trainees gain the confidence to discover their own ‘truths’ about yoga, about their bodies and their practice. There’s no memorization, no mimicry, and no script. From this place, trainees find their authentic voice… sharing their knowledge & their practice naturally. Join Us.


Yoga Technique, Training & Practice

100 hours

Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Kriya & Chanting


Teaching Methodology

30 hours

The Sacred Fig Principles of Teaching & Personal Development



This intensive 200 hour teacher training course takes place over 25 days. Expect three days of rest during the training. Below is a typical schedule, which tends to vary slightly each training, according to the specific needs & pace of each individual group. Different faculty will rotate in & out of the program over the course of the month, and so the days will naturally vary, as each day builds upon the next.

6am – 7am

Sunrise Satsang.
Satsang means to gather in the company of those seeking the highest truth. and so together, each morning we will meditate, practice pranayama, and chant mantra. Satsang practices will vary day to day.

7am – 8:30am

Rigorous Yoga Asana, led by various Sacred Fig faculty. After practice, there’s just enough time to enjoy a dip in the ocean before breakfast.
8:30am – 9:30am

Enjoy a healthy breakfast of living foods. All meals are vegetarian, and there’s always options for everyone. Food is most often organic & local.. Coffee & tea are available throughout the day.

10:30am – 1pm

Morning Session.
The morning session tends to be the most ‘traditional’ in terms of yoga education – the core elements. Topics vary each week, from yoga philosophy as it’s relevant today, to anatomy of the body and how it relates to asana practice.

1pm – 2pm

Nutritious vegetarian lunch.

2pm – 4pm

Enjoy this time studying, go for a dip in the ocean right out front, or enjoy a nap in the lounge. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a massage or acupuncture session*.

4pm – 6:30pm

Afternoon Session.
The afternoon session is all hands on. Topics include teacher breakout sessions, energetics of the body & movement, alignment of key poses, and physical adjustments.

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Delicious vegetarian dinner.

7:30pm – 9pm

Evening Session.
Evening sessions are specifically geared to be more experiential, spontaneous & appropriate for the hour. Everything from guest lectures to film screenings, live Kirtan, and sound healing. Some evenings will not have required sessions, while others may run slightly longer than the scheduled time.


Take Rest.


what you get

  • A shared double beach hut with private bath + fan, for the duration of the course
  • Nutritious vegetarian meals – 3 per day, for the duration of the course, including purified water & tea
  • Tuition for 200+ hours of Yoga education, Yoga Alliance certified
  • The Sacred Fig Reader, covering a rigorous curriculum based on accelerated learning principles
  • World renowned Faculty – all experts in their respective fields
  • Access to The Sacred Fig global community of yogis
  • Support & mentorship from The Sacred Fig faculty, including post-training guidance
  • Recognition as a graduate from The Sacred Fig Yoga Education Program
  • Alum discount on future retreats & trainings (Tuscany, anyone?)
  • Surprises along the way 🙂

All inclusive of the above:

USD $3900 (Application received with USD $500 deposit due at time of booking)