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India has a rich history of holistic approach to wellness, with ancient Ayurvedic practices designed to provide both physical and mental balance. Translating literally as ‘science of life’, this five-thousand year old system of health care aims to bring harmony within yourself and with nature.

Our Goa spa treatments are guided by the Ayurvedic ethos of well-being within and without, and will complement your yoga practice. We offer an extensive menu of healing therapies from a beautiful massage hut just metres from Patnem beach.

Our experienced practitioners are happy to discuss your needs and design a personalised programme of treatments to work on all aspects of your health and well-being. Or you can simply calm your mind and release your body with a relaxing massage in Goa.

Our Ayurvedic masseur is a true master – trained by his grandfather with knowledge handed down through the generations he has incredible skillful hands and a beaming smile!

Choose from our our menu of spa treatments & massages for a wellbeing-enriched Goa holiday

Jet Lag Package

We recommend you book this massage the first day you arrive in Goa.

One hour relaxation massage combined with 30 mins therapeutic face massage and 30 minutes Keralan foot massage

2 hours

Ultimate Panjakarma

This package is for total relaxation of body and mind and includes three Ayurvedic Massages, two Sirodhara sessions and two Ila Kizhi treatments.

.All treatments are 1 hour 15mins, over 7 days

Ayurvedic Massage

A deep full body massage using traditional hand prepared herbal oils to give perfect relaxation. It re-harmonises and restores good health.

.1 hour

Deep Tissue Massage

With or without oil. A deep relaxing restorative full body massage using organic coconut and aromatherapy oils, great to alleviate tired aching muscles. Ultimately leaving you feeling totally blissed out.

1 hour


A fully clothed Japanese massage that uses acupressure and meridian energy lines located throughout the body to aid relaxation and bring about harmony and balance to body and mind.

.1 hour/1.5 hours

Indian Head Massage

This traditional Ayurvedic treatment works through pressure points on the face and head. It is both stimulating and relaxing, leaving you with a general feeling of well-being.

1 hour

Keralan Foot Massage

This traditional Indian foot massage uses acupressure points in the feet to aid relaxation and bring balance to body and mind.

1 hour


A gentle, energy channelling treatment fully clothed, using universal energy to balance the chakras and aid relaxation – a must.

.1 hour

Ila Kizhi

An ancient technique using a hot Ayurvedic leaf compress in combination with massage to ease away any specific aches or pains. Particularly effective for muscular pains, back or shoulder pain

.1 hour


Organic warm herbal Ayurvedic oil is dripped onto the forehead aiding both physical and mental relaxation. Alleviating stress, tiredness, insomnia, headaches and mental tension whilst opening your third eye chakra for awareness and intuition.

1 hour


We offer an array of delicious body scrubs to make your skin shine and to feed and nourish your senses, relaxing and stimulating to suit your skin type.