Let’s start the New Year with a wonderfully nourishing retreat for the body and the soul at Bamboo Yoga’s new venue by the river.

Terhi and Myria will guide you through a week of delicious yoga stretches, juicy twists, calming yin postures and deeply relaxing guided meditations, a mindful thai yoga massage practice and if you want to challenge your balance we will get you onto our stand up paddle boards.

We will start the day with a light breakfast before our morning meditation. At 9am we our Asana movement practice with flowy, dynamic vinyasa sequences leads us into the morning, followed by a delicious buffet brunch.

The afternoons can be spent relaxing, swimming in the river, going on a bike or boat ride or join one of our workshops such as yoga philosophy, mala bead threading or Bollywood dancing.

As a special treat we will take you on a trip to the local, family run spice farm where you can learn all about sustainably growing spices – and you get to try them in their lovely thali lunch.

Our afternoon yoga classes take a slower pace, dominated by restorative and mindfulness practices to guide you into the evening.

When the day draws to an end we meet for a joint dinner with all of Bamboo’s staple dishes.

Terhi and Myria will take turns teaching classes and as the week progresses we will work our way through the whole body building strength, stamina and flexibility, always giving each yogi enough space to listen to their inner teacher and progress at their own pace.

We are looking at accommodating all your needs and preferences, offering a supportive environment for both beginners an experienced yogis alike.

Retreat price:

Shared (twin or double) – €650 per person
Single – €850.

About Terhi

Tämän valokuvan tekijänoikeudet omistaa Miska Photography

Terhi Palminen is a yoga teacher E-RYT500 / YACEP as well as an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. She has worked for over twenty years teaching different forms of fitness, dance and yoga classes. Nowadays her focus is specifically on teaching yoga.

Terhi started practicing yoga 1995 and has had a regular practice since then. For several years yoga was only for herself, her own practice, but as soon as she started teaching, she felt immediately that it truly was her thing to do. Terhi has been teaching various range of classes, workshops and retreats over the years. She is also a part of Team Yogobe and has been filming online yoga classes.

Yoga fascinates Terhi by it’s multidimensional nature, combining the physical and mental sides of it and also how yoga extends to all areas of life. Among the asana practice, vinyasa style is closest to her heart. Linking the movement and breath is incredibly powerful! It’s also interesting how the practice constantly changes. Yoga practice is a lifelong journey!

Terhi´s classes are dynamic and challenge both body and mind. She often uses a certain theme to focus on, however, not forgetting the balance of the whole body and mind. There must be time for stillness and relaxing, enjoying the moment. She also thinks that yoga philosophy as a part of the practice shouldn’t be forgotten. Pranayama, meditation and chanting are often a part of her classes.

As a teacher Terhi is consistent, clear and encouraging. Every yogi is a different in the starting point and it’s important to teach classes that progress step by step towards more challenging, so that there are always easier options available. It’s important to teach the students to learn listen to their bodies and minds.

Teaching situations are always mutual, Terhi constantly learns new things from her students. She thinks that it’s a privilege to be able to share the knowledge that she learned and at the same time learn and discover new things. The teacher is never completely qualified and Terhi enjoys finding new challenges.

Terhi has had the pleasure of working with brilliant and encouraging and very different kind of teachers: Sharon Gannon, David Life, Julie Martin, Emil Wendel, Yogeswari, Jeffrey Gohen, Emma Henry, Gary Carter, Alanna Kaivalya and more.

She has been participating trainings all over the world: Costa Rica, New York, Stockholm, Berlin, Stavanger, London and India. She´s been spending time in India both studying and teaching yearly for last ten years.

Terhi has studied various range of asana, anatomy, yoga therapy, philosophy and pranayama. There’s been nearly two thousand training hours and in addition her training progressively continues by regularly attending immersions, workshops and retreats. In everyday life her own learning continues by regular practice, reading, discussing and looking for insights. Terhi also holds a master´s degree in pedagogy and has been working with special needs children.

About Myria


Myria Zanetti has been practising yoga for more than 20 years, and after years of corporate life decided to make her passion a profession.

She has been a yoga teacher for 10 years, starting out by teaching classic hatha yoga in Rishikesh and moving on to practise Ashtanga with the Jois family in Mysore and Kino McGregor.  After diving into power yoga styles such as Baptiste and Jivamukti Yoga, she has extended her practice to incorporate techniques that are designed to promote tranquillity element, by qualifying first as a mindfulness teacher and then as a a hypnotherapist. Her holistic approach includes yoga & nutritious movement, meditation, restorative exercise and Thai yoga massage to give the body and the mind all the support they need.