Life is relationship.  No woman is an island unto herself.  We are all dependant on nature, food, water, light, love, sound and other forms of nourishment that flow into us from sources outside of our own bodies.  Each woman also in turn influences the world around her through her presence, creativity, movement, actions and communications.  True health requires that these many and varied flows develop a dynamic balance, an ever changing equilibrium or ‘homeostasis’.

On a physical level a woman relates to her environment.  On an emotional/mental level, to society, and, on the spiritual level to Nature and Reality.  But the most important relationship of all is the one a woman has with herself.

The road to health is a road to self-knowledge, a path of awakening to your personal realities, a merging of all your different awarenesses into one well-integrated awareness, connected at her roots to the water of life that flows from Mother Nature’s spring.

Of all the many aspects of our complex being, what we need most to establish within ourselves is a sense of flow.  The health of the family, society and culture that revolves around a woman depends largely on her health, and her health rests in turn on her ability to keep her creative energies flowing.  Yoga helps woman keep her ‘shakti’ energies flowing, comfortably, freely and fearlessly, so that she may best display her innate creativity – to herself, her loved ones and the world.

Our eight day retreat has been carefully designed to purify and rejuvenate the bodymind through a wide variety of embodiment practices drawing on the lineages of hatha and kundalini yoga: buddhist teachings and meditation, tantra and advaita vedanta philosophy, shamanism, taoism, shadow work, ritual and ceremony and healing bodywork.  Daily rejuvenation is facilitated by purifying the body of toxins so this retreat will be ALCOHOL FREE.

There will be three practices per day with one day off for excursions further afield.

Erika Tourell


Erika has over thirty years of healing, yoga and meditation experience.  She draws on a wide range of yoga styles including Hatha: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin/Yang, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Advaita Vedanta philosophy and Buddhism.  She has been teaching yoga full time in London’s top yoga studios and leading retreats internationally for over twenty years. She also is a part of the Teacher Training Faculty at Triyoga and is an International Trainer for holistic facials and bodywork for a well known, organic lifestyle brand/spa company.

Erika is passionate about natural healing and loves nothing more than to hold the retreat space to offer a precious opportunity for people to experience a profound awakening through yoga using movement and stillness, sound and silence, challenge and relaxation in a soulful, nurturing environment.  Erika is constantly inspired by the transformations that she has witnessed in the lives of people through the healing power of yoga.

  • "I have just returned from a magical retreat with Erika in Goa.  Not only was the location sublime but Erika’s deep seated knowledge and ability to teach across all levels made each and every session rewarding, challenging and at the same time nurturing.  I loved every second and will definitely seek out Erika whenever possible."

    L Wallop
  • "I have attended several of Erika’s retreats now, in both India, Turkey and Spain. Erika’s energy, vitality and zest for developing the yoga practice of others, is second to none. Erika pitches her sessions to all levels and abilities, and is always progressive. Bringing groups of people together and getting them to connect in an authentic and nourishing way is a real strength of hers. So, if you’re in need of pressing the ‘pause button’ on life and require a makeover for body, mind and spirit, Erika and her expertise could be just what you’re looking for.  I hope that she is able to help you as much as she has helped me."

    Dr B Chell
  • "Erika is the perfect retreat host; welcoming and kind, making everyone feel at ease immediately.  Erika’s calming voice eases you through daily meditations opening your heart and mind. Her extensive knowledge across all types of yoga, ensure that you receive a tailored experience from which anyone can benefit; from complete beginners to experience practitioners. Erika also cultivates a real sense of group, so even though you start off as strangers, you end up making friends from all walks of life. Under her care, we laughed, cried and danced like no-one was watching. We left full of gratitude and love, ready to take positivity and light to all those around us in 2018. If only everyone could spend a week with Erika and then I have no doubt the world would be a better place."

    K Barton