Join us in the spiritual home of Yoga for this three-week 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programme with Taran Boynton.

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Teaching Training Programme which will run from 25 November – 15 December 2023.


Become A Yoga Teacher

Over 21 days we transform passionate yoga practitioners into highly qualified instructors. Ready and able to teach as soon as the course ends.


While focusing on equipping you to teach Vinyasa yoga, the course will provide a solid foundation from which you can continue to explore other forms of yoga. You will be taught how to create and teach a Vinyasa class based on the principals of alignment and the ancient practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa. This means you’ll have everything you need to begin teaching at all types of yoga and fitness establishments upon graduation and begin your journey as a yoga teacher.


The program takes places over 3 consecutive weeks (200 hours)

  • Learn how to teach a 60 min. Vinyasa yoga class using dialogue, verbal cues and hands on adjustments
  • Study the benefits of Pranyama and Breathwork
  • Explore different teaching styles, the characteristic of a good yoga teacher, understand the type of yoga teacher you want to be and build your confidence and “unique voice” as an instructor
  • Examine postural alignment, gain a deeper understanding of how yoga postures should be performed and understand how to correct common misalignments and perform modifications (verbally and physically)
  • Learn about anatomy and physiology and apply them to yoga
  • Understand the different physical and mental benefits delivered by yoga
  • Further your own practice by taking part in yoga classes, broaden your knowledge of different yoga styles and begin to make yoga part of your daily life including practicing meditation
  • Understand basic first aid and how to keep your students safe. Gain an insight into medical conditions that would inhibit the practice of hot yoga/yoga, in particular pregnancy
  • Explore the history and philosophy of yoga, examine different yoga forms and where they originated from, and study yoga philosophy
  • Understand the business of yoga and how to make a career out of being a yoga teacher

Module 1

Kick off Weekend!  Foundation, Form & Function. Introduction to the eight limbs of yoga. Practice


Module 2

Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga. Modifications and Dealing with injuries


Module 3

Pranyama. Vinyasa Yoga asanas. Fusion of Dialogue. Adjustments. Benefits. Precautions. Styles of Teaching


Module 4

History and Philosophy of Yoga


Module 5

The Art of adjustments


  • Pre-reading and learn sequence in sanskrit and english
  • 25hrs Asana classes (included in TTC cost)
  • Daily self-practice of Asana
  • Daily self-practice of meditation, pranayama
  • Daily self-study of notes, Yoga Sutras, Light on Yoga, and Anatomy
  • Reading of Bagavad Gita & essay on Gita
  • Journal once a day
  • Observing 4 classes
  • Teaching 1 class, Assisting as often as you can
  • Exam/ Practicum


Some Books Provided:

  • Complete Guide and Teacher Training Manual
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanajali



Prices per person are as follows for shared and single occupancy and include tuition fees, accommodation and daily brunch and dinner buffet:

Sharing: €2750
Single: €3200


Please do contact us for further information and to make your application.

About Taran


Registered with Yoga Alliance Taran Boynton is Senior Yoga Teacher who has been practising for over 17 years.


She completed her training with Ryan Spielman in London. In addition, has practiced under the guidance of various authorised Pattabhi Jois teachers including Joey Miles, Sharath Jois, Paul Dallaghan, Hamish Hendry & Charlie Taylor Rugman


As a yoga teacher her style emphasises the dynamic, flowing approach of Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga Yoga. She pays particular attention on pace, Breathe and delivering exceptional manual adjustments to enhance the practitioners experience within the pose. Allowing you to let go of physical and mental tensions and your body to feel the pose and experience each movement in its entirety.